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Join the Professional Team at North Shore Family Daycare
North Shore Family Daycare is an agency that contracts with licensed Family Child Care educators who offer high quality care and demonstrate an ongoing commitment to professional development. We offer child care for children from 2 months to 12 years and accept vouchers, state contract and private paying clients in the Greater Lynn area.
Families in need of child care contact our agency. We help them select an educator within our system who will best meet their child care needs.
Support services to educators include home visits, phone consultations and training. Visits are both scheduled and unannounced and assist child care providers in achieving high standards in their child care programs. NSFD educators also enroll with the Healthy Directions food program.
Our staff has expertise in Early Childhood Education, Special Education and Social Work. We draw on all of these resources to provide ongoing services to our family child care educators and families.
Since 1985, North Shore Family Daycare’s mission has been to ensure that children, parents and educators have a positive and enriching daycare experience, supporting families as they work to achieve their educational and/or career goals.
Benefits of contracting with North Shore Family Daycare include:
  • Maintain your status as an independent business owner.
  • Set your own 10-hour work day.
  • NSFD will refer families looking for child care.
  • NSFD takes care of parent and state billing for children enrolled through NSFD.
  • Guaranteed payment for NSFD enrolled children.
  • Contract with NSFD for some, or all of your slots.
  • Substitute care is available for NSFD enrolled children on days you are unable to provide care.
  • Ongoing support through home visits and telephone consultation.
  • Get to know other child care educators in the Lynn area.
  • Free lending library of children’s books, resource materials and theme-based curriculum kits.
  • Free training to meet many EEC requirements including QRIS levels.
  • Assistance in obtaining Liability Insurance, First Aid and CPR certification.
  • Bonus incentive: Twelve paid holidays, four paid professional training days per year and up to four earned paid sick days each year.
NSFD Reimbursement Rates for Child Care Services:  Effective 7-1-18
                                                                         QRIS LEVEL 1
Under 2 years Over 2 years
Full Time (6-10 hours) $44.07 per day $35.07 per day
$220.35 per week $175.35 per week
Part Time (up to 6 hours) $26.44 per day $21.04 per day
$132.20 per week $105.20 per week
                                                                         QRIS LEVEL II
UNDER 2 YEARS 24 – 33 months
Full Time (6-10 hours) $45.39 per day $36.12 per day
$226.95 per week $180.60 per week
Part Time (up to 6 hours) $27.23 per day $21.67 per day
$136.15 per week $108.35 per week
34 months and up
Full Time (6-10 hours) $35.07 per day
$175.35 per week
Part Time (up to 6 hours) $21.04 per day
$105.20 per week
Above amounts do not include food reimbursement through the Healthy Directions food program
Educators are paid additional fees for late pick-ups.
How do I become a North Shore Family Daycare educator?
1) Obtain a family child care license from the Massachusetts Department of Early Education & Care.
2) Contact NSFD for an application, and submit the completed application, including references, to be reviewed by NSFD staff.
3) Participate in a Home Study with NSFD Program Directors and the Education Coordinator to assess the child care environment and to give you an opportunity to get to know NSFD.
4) NSFD staff will determine if you are a good match for our program. If so, you will be offered a contract for services.
5) Learn about the agency’s policies and procedures during a personal orientation with a Program Director.
6) Enroll with the Healthy Directions food program and learn about menu planning and nutrition as well as the process for getting reimbursed for food expenses.
7) Receive North Shore Family Daycare benefits and support!
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