For Parents

North Shore Family Daycare educators are open for 10-hour days beginning at 6:30 am, 7:00 am or 7:30 am. All of our educators are located in or near Lynn, Massachusetts. Educators are licensed for 6, 8 (including two school-aged children) or 10 children (an assistant is required for 10 children). Children are generally enrolled on a 5-day per week, full-day basis, although we can occasionally accommodate shorter schedules. School-aged children who attend after school are able to participate for a full day when school is closed. If a child care educator is unavailable due to illness, vacation or other need, NSFD is usually able to offer care in an alternative child care home.
How do I enroll my child?
1) Telephone our office to provide general information about your child care needs.
2) If we are able to meet your needs, NSFD staff will refer you to potential educators for interviews. Referrals are based on available openings, your child’s age, educator location and hours of care requested.
3) Contact the educators and visit them with your child. The interview process is a mutual one; both the parent and educator must agree that it is an appropriate placement for the child.
4) Once you have chosen a educator, schedule an appointment at the NSFD office to complete enrollment forms, emergency and medical information forms, as well as a parent/agency agreement for services.
5) If you are a voucher client, you will need to get a voucher from your Child Care Resource and Referral Agency (generally the Child Care Circuit) before starting care.
Voucher/Subsidized Rates
North Shore Family Daycare accepts income-based state Vouchers and offers state-subsidized Contract slots for families who qualify based on their income and placement on the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care’s wait list (KinderWait) for child care subsidies. Parents fees for Vouchers and Contract slots are determined by a sliding fee scale according to gross monthly income and family size, and are determined on an individual basis.
Private Rates (up to 10 hours per day)
One time registration fee $25.00
8 weeks to 33 months $60 per day $300 per week
33 months to school age $50 per day $250 per week
School age $30 per day after school
$50 per day, school closings, including summers


Billing and Payment Policies
Payments are due in advance of the care and may be paid on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis. NSFD accepts cash, credit/debit cards, checks or money orders. Parents are billed for all enrolled childcare days regardless of attendance and including holidays, vacations, sick days and snow days. Parents are not billed if the regular child care educator is unavailable and the parent chooses not to request a substitute placement. Late fees are charged when a child is picked up past the educator’s closing time.
Qualities to look for in a Child Care Educator
Personality. Would you feel comfortable leaving your child with this person? Is she nurturing, energetic and easy to talk to? Does she enjoy working with children?
Relationship with Children. Is she affectionate and respectful of children? Do children come to her for help, comfort and fun? Does she respond to each child’s individual needs?
The Child Care Program. Is there an inviting space for children to play? Are there toys and materials appropriate for the ages and interests of the children? Does the educator follow a daily schedule that includes a variety of activities: quiet time and active times, as well as daily outdoor play? Is the curriculum engaging and does it prepare older children for school?
Knowledge of Early Childhood. Does the educator show an understanding of developmentally appropriate activities? Is she committed to professional growth and regularly attends trainings in the field of Early Childhood Education?
Health & Safety. Does the educator’s home appear to be a clean, safe place where children are carefully supervised? Are nutritious meals served?
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